My Other Online Addiction: Coupons & Freebies


Coupons & Freebies

I absolutely love receiving coupons and free samples in the mail and would consider that to be my second online addiction (only behind entering online contests. See previous post My Online Addiction: Contests). I sign up for a lot of daily emails that notify of new coupons & freebies. I also follow the deal-finder accounts on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates. There is nothing more fun than visiting the grocery store with a whole bunch of coupons and saving money on things that I would be purchasing anyways. And nothing is better than redeeming a high-value or free product coupon!


Extreme Couponers (Canadian-Style)

I used to watch Extreme Couponers on TLC and wish that I could double-up coupons and get an entire grocery load for free, but unfortunately the Canadian coupon laws do not allow coupon stacking. I do enjoy receiving and redeeming as many Free Product Coupons and cents off coupons  as I can. New technology makes finding coupons so much easier than pre-smartphone and high-speed internet days. Coupons can be requested online and mailed or printed. They are readily available on brand websites as well as on brand and business social media accounts. Gathering coupons is extremely convenient and can be done from almost anywhere that there is an internet connection. Previously, the weekly circular or seasonal coupon envelope package were the only options for receiving coupons and were not always the most targeted as everyone would receive the same coupons.

My first new technology coupon experience involved requesting a free product coupon on Twitter. I was not at all familiar with the workings of hashtags and how to reference the company involved, but figured it out on my end. The company offering the coupon, however, did not know that they would not be able to receive by direct message the mailing addresses that were requested if they didn’t also follow the intended recipients. A few people publicly posted their mailing addresses, but I turned to Facebook and sent the company a private message, then received my coupon a few weeks later.



Requesting free samples is another activity that has been made easier through technological advancements. It is simple to submit a short online form and then receive a sample in the mail a short while later. The SampleSource box is my favourite free samples on a larger scale resource. Once they send out the notifications to advise that the sample request site is live, you have to be quick in order to receive them. I have also received a bunch of P&G Everyday boxes over the years including household and beauty goods.

A Few Of My Favourite Coupon & Freebie Online Resources

I subscribe to receive emails from each as well as follow on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates when a new coupon or freebie offer is available.

Leave a comment below and let me know about any amazing coupon or freebie resources that I might have missed.


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