Internet: The Evolution From Dial-up to Ultra-HighSpeed


The Beginning: Dial-up Internet

I can’t be the only one who remembers the lovely dial-up internet connection sounds while using the internet at home in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Check it out in the video below for a trip down memory lane:

I once tried to acquire/download a song in the early 2000’s using dial-up internet and the estimated time came up as 1 day, 35 minutes. Someone in my household would have definitely picked up the phone and kicked me off the internet before that was completed. Notoriously slow and very easily disconnected, it’s a wonder that we were able to chat and access information at all.

Evolution: High-Speed Internet

The evolution to high-speed meant that connections were increasingly faster and did not require the same wait to log on. Plugging in an ethernet cable was all that was required for connection. Downloading music/tv shows/movies became much easier and slightly less time-consuming (but there were still allowance limits to worry about).

Present Day: Ultra-HighSpeed Internet

Fast forward to present day and we are surrounded by ultra-highspeed unlimited allowance internet connections practically everywhere we go. Downloading a song takes mere seconds and a tv show or movie may take a few minutes at most. It is amazing to think about how much the internet and our usage has changed within the last few decades. After getting accustomed to my current ultra-highspeed unlimited internet service, I would not be able to revert back to dial-up or even one of the slower services with a monthly allowance. I am an analog girl adapting in a digital world, but cannot even fathom using dial-up internet once again.


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